Learn Six Things you Should Not Do After a Car Accident

After a car accident, there are some steps you can take to protect your interests such as seeking immediate medical treatment, calling your insurance company and your lawyer. However, there are some things a Nashville plaintiff’s lawyer would advise you not to do. Some of the things you should avoid doing after an auto accident include:

Nashville plaintiff's lawyer

Losing your cool

A car accident can be very upsetting. Your emotions may run high and you may not be able to think straight. Avoid losing your temper and acting angrily towards the other victims, even if the accident happened due to their fault. You should remain calm and ensure that every victim in the car accident receives the assistance needed.

Not involving a lawyer

After a car accident, you may decide to file a case on your own. However, this might be a risky idea and you may end up incurring high costs in future. You may also risk having your lawsuit dismissed. Many car accident lawsuits might entail complicated legal claims. Working with a Nashville plaintiff’s lawyer (if you’re here in Tennessee) can assist you appreciate the legal process and the lawyer will clearly represent your interests before the judge.

Talking to the insurance company of the other party without an attorney

Most insurance companies will compel you to settle for an amount lower than what you deserve. You should not risk talking to the insurance of the other party without a lawyer. The insurance company may tell you to give an account of how the accident happened and may use your statements to deny you your rightful claims. Experienced trial attorneys Honolulu (if you’re in the area) has today can directly communicate with the representatives of the insurance company on your behalf.

Admitting fault

A competent trial attorney Honolulu has will advise that even if you are very sure that the accident happened because of your mistakes, do not admit it when talking with the insurance provider or at the car accident scene. It is important to be honest concerning what happened, but you should not say things like, “it is my fault”.

Not documenting the car accident

You should note down information about the car accident before you leave the accident scene. You can also take photos of the accident scene and write down the contacts and name of victims in the accident. In case there are people who witnessed the accident, request them to write down a brief statement concerning what they witnessed. Also, ensure you take their contacts and names.  Presenting this information to a Nashville plaintiff’s lawyer can make it very easy for the lawyer to argue your case and ensure you get worthwhile compensation. Check out CM Trial Lawyers


One of the greatest challenges most accident victims face is finding the right lawyer to present them in court after an accident. Basically, many things change after an accident, particularly where the victim loses his or her ability to work due to injury. Also, in case of death where the victim was the bread winner, the loved ones are left to suffer. You deserve to be compensated after you are injured or lost your loved one to an accident caused by a third party. Hiring Honolulu accident attorneys can ensure that you are well represented by lawyers with many years of experience.

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