7 Most Expensive Disasters In Human History


Since the horrifying news that went viral overnight that the United Airline’s passenger was dragged off the plane, he finally retained a high-profile personal injury attorney to prepare for the court battle in the coming months.

Although humans have been on this planet longer than taught at school level, a constant penchant for disaster and misadventure is never too far from the ominous horizon. Even with professionals like a personal injury attorney protecting individuals, the following list counts some of the most expensive accidents in human history.

The Titanic

The movie was as unavoidable as the iceberg that caused the $7 million luxury ship to plummet into the icy cold Arctic waters of the Atlantic Ocean in 1912. An estimated 1,500 passengers lost their lives that fateful night and a monetary loss of $150 million in today’s dollars sank with the ship as well. If professionals such as a personal injury attorney existed in 1912, there would still be hardly anything to salvage since the ship was lost at unfathomable depths till the last decade.

Wiehltal Bridge

Help from professionals like a personal injury attorney Las Vegas has should have been required for the disaster which occurred on the Wiehltal Bridge on August 16, 2004. A driver crashed into a tanker transporting 32,000 litres of fuel causing an explosion so severe that it blew up the bridge itself. It cost an estimated $358 million to repair the bridge and it is unknown whether both parties survived.

Metro Train Crash

Costing close to Beyonce’s net worth, the Chatsworth Train collision is the costliest train collision till date. Occurring in 2008, the accident occurred when one of the train’s driver was busy receiving text messages causing him to ignore a red signal. What can only be surmised as a field day for any personal injury attorney, the Metro Link was billed $500 million in total losses.

B-2 Bomber

In case you already have a fear of flying, the following crash may make you feel worse. In 2008, a B-2 Stealth-Bomber crashed while it was taking off from its airbase in Guam. Due to distorted data caused by moisture, the craft nosedived into a $ 1.4 billion crash, becoming the most expensive disaster in the aviation history. It was one of the only 21 models ever made; luckily both pilots were able to eject to safety and survived.

Exxon Valdez

Accessible only by helicopter, the Exxon oil spill which occurred in 1989 was not the biggest oil spill, but the costliest in human history. An experienced professional such as an accident injury attorney Las Vegas based, would be able to surmise that it was the ship’s master’s fault when he left the controls causing the ship to crash into a reef in the Prince Edward Sound. Due to its remote location, it cost Exxon $2.5 Billion to clean up their mess.

Space Shuttle Columbia

With Elon Musk making the news quite frequently with the Space X program based out of Florida, you may recall a celestial disaster that set NASA back $13 billion. The Space Shuttle Columbia was NASA’s first space worthy shuttle, which landed up exploding during re-entry over Texas in 2003.


Still, the costliest disaster in human history, the atomic meltdown at Chernobyl in 1986 caused 200,000 people to be evacuated, while 1.7 million people were directly affected by the nuclear meltdown. The total costs involved were a whopping $200 billion.

Although a few oil spills were not mentioned in the list, humans have an unscrupulous habit of getting into disasters. In case you are in one yourself, you can search online for the best representation through a personal injury attorney Henderson has. Visit sites such as .

Medical Malpractice? Learn How to Hire a Competent Attorney


Most attorneys who focus on medical malpractice law can only defend a medical practitioner against medical malpractice suits or represent an injured patient, but not both. In case you or your loved one is injured, you should hire a lawyer referred to as a plaintiff lawyer. Medical malpractice lawyers are not very many since it is a specialized field. Cases of medical malpractices are also very complicated, expensive, risky, and time-consuming.  Finding Nashville malpractice lawyer who is capable and willing to handle your case may be a daunting task. Below are tips to help you hire the best medical malpractice lawyer.

Nashville malpractice lawyer

Biographical Information

Consider the biographical information of the Nashville malpractice lawyeryou plan to hire. Visit the website of the law firm and the lawyers. Check if they specialise in medical malpractice law and if you can find any information that can help to you. Click here for Cummings Manookian PLC

Know the Lawyer’s Specialisation

Brian Cummings, Honolulu Trial Lawyers who defend against lawsuits do not also represent injured patients in this area. Check at the profile of the attorneys and the firm to know if they can handle your case. In case you cannot tell from the profile, contact the office to know more about their services.

Ask for References

Before you choose Brian Cummings, Honolulu Trial Lawyer, ask for references. Look for persons who can give you information about the trustworthiness and skills of the lawyer you intend to hire. Ask if you can talk to few clients the lawyer has attended to before. In case the lawyer does not offer you names, check the local newspapers archives; it is possible to get some few clients name there.

Check Track Record of the Lawyers

Look at the percentage of the malpractices cases the Honolulu Trial Attorneys have handled. The higher the number of such cases, the better. You should also check the percentage of cases that proceed to trial instead of a settlement. In case the attorneys usually settle, insurance will know it and negotiate accordingly.

Check if the Law Firm is Solid Financially

Medical malpractice cases may require the attorney to spend a lot of money in medical research and experts. Ensure the firm has enough resource to support this nature of cash outlay.

Check if the Lawyer is Registered

You should find out if the attorney is a member of lawyer’s association in your country. This does not require much to join, so find out whether the lawyer has leadership roles, or is an active member of the association, which indicates that the attorney has earned respect among other medical malpractice lawyers.

Research Widely

Surf the internet with the use of search engine. You may find FAQ’S or any article about the attorney and his or her previously handled cases. Also, in case you have worked with an attorney who specialises in other fields, ask them to refer you to good medical malpractice lawyers they know.

The above are only tips to help you find a reliable medical malpractice lawyer.  In case you are still finding it challenging to locate Nashville malpractice lawyer, consider having a health care provider review your medical records. There are many good, caring medical care providers willing to assist. Coming to an attorney with the initial investigation done can be a great way to get her or him take the case. See more at

Facing a divorce? Learn tips to help you win your divorce case

Facing a divorce? Learn tips to help you win your divorce case

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Divorce is a challenging process irrespective of how you view it. Actually, some may say that no one emerges a winner in a divorce case. Sadly, bad situations such as abuse, cheating, lying among others occur in marriage now and then, leading to divorce. Some spouses go through a cooperative or friendly divorce. However, Franklin divorce lawyers can attest that most spouses go through ugly or hotly contested divorce processes. Having said that, below are ways in which you can maximize your chances of getting the best results out of a divorce settlement.

Protect your assets

Divorcing couples do many crazy things. It is common to find spouses spend excessively, hide assets, or do what they think is good with their assets. They feel like being careless on their hard earned assets is the best way of relieving the pain and emotional trauma that come with being divorced. However, during the initial stages of your divorce process, take time to inventory your properties, maintain good records, and gather any financial document, which you deem helpful in ascertaining if all assets are fairly reported. The documents may include bank statements, income tax returns, loan statements, and credit card bills. Consulting Franklin divorce lawyers can help you know how you can protect your assets during and after the divorce process.

Build a team that is winning

 This may sound absurd. However, you need to remember that the way your divorce case is handled may affect your life after divorce, and at times break or make your financial security. People have varying situations, but finding a reputable experienced lawyer who deals in family law and divorce is not optional. You should be comfortable with the Lebanon divorce attorneys (if you’re here in Tennessee) you hire. In case you are not completely trusting and at ease with the lawyers you are dealing with, consider finding someone else.

Apart from having the best Franklin TN divorce attorney, you may also require hiring divorce financial planners. The planners are financial professionals who closely work with your divorce lawyer to help the lawyer fully understand the long and short-term tax and financial implications of your divorce settlement proposal.

The other person you need to add to your team is a good therapist. The therapist can assist you and your kids work through the psychological and emotional effects of divorce. They will also help you go through the emotions, which you experience during and after your divorce process.

Stay in your marital home

You should not leave your home during the divorce process if you want you and your children to stay at your home during and after divorce.  Moving out during the divorce process may make the judge rule that you gave your partner de facto possession. Remember that it is very important for your kids to remain in their home during this trying moment of divorce. You may also consider talking with the best family law attorneys Franklin TN based, concerning your intent to remain in your marital home.


Navigating the rocky path of divorce may be difficult and draining. You need Franklin divorce lawyers who not only understand you, but also have experience on how to help you win the case.

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