Knowing Which Truck To Buy?

Trucks are relatively large motor vehicles, designed to carry cargo. They vary in size, configuration and power. The small ones can be of the size of a normal motor vehicle. The large ones are normally referred to as mega-trucks.  Some have specialized cargo systems and containers designed to match different user cargo requirements. Most trucks are diesel powered. This is good and optimal for bigger engines, however, some small trucks have petrol-powered engines. In most countries, trucks that weigh below 3.5 tons, roughly 7700 pounds, are generally considered medium duty trucks while those above are regarded as heavy-duty trucks.

Features of heavy duty trucks

Heavy-duty trucks can carry big cargo. This is due to the fact that they have a larger engine capacity. These trucks can transport cargo of over 8 tonnes to about 50 tonnes. They also have a larger cargo-carrying capacity, enabling packing of more cargo volumes.

They have varying container configurations in order to carry different types of goods. Some have unique tanks for cargo in fluid form, while others have containers that allow goods to be packed inside for transportation. Some unique trucks have specialized cargo-containers, for transporting cement. They have unique containers that ensure the cement doesn’t clump together while in transit.

They are very good for the long haul. Hence, buy heavy duty trucks if your job description involves hauling lumber, petroleum products or any other cargo over long distances.  This provides cheaper rates for transport because large quantities of goods are being transported.

Features of medium duty trucks

These trucks are versatile. Due to their small size they are able to transport cargo to remote areas, where heavy-duty trucks can’t reach. This is a very important feature, especially for services like towing, and garbage collection. You can also buy medium duty trucks for freights over short distances. They are also good and efficient for short and local delivery jobs.  These trucks are ideal for last mile delivery of items; this is because they can transport relatively low volumes of cargo at a much lower price compared to heavy-duty trucks.

Compared to their larger counterparts, their maintenance and repair is relatively simple and cheaper.  However, their parts have to be repaired and maintained from time to time. This is essential for small companies or individuals that need freight services, but on a smaller scale. Medium duty trucks can be a starting point as they progress to bigger trucks.

Which truck to buy?

When deciding to buy trucks, consider the following factors; the terrain of the road, the nature of the goods to be transported, the time required to transport the goods and the distance to be covered.

The terrain of the road over which the cargo will be transported is a major factor when buying trucks. A bad terrain will require you to get a truck that has more than rear wheel drive. The nature of the cargo is also a major factor. This involves features like fragility, perishability, weight, volume and the state of the cargo i.e. solid liquid or gas. Heavier cargo will definitely require a heavy-duty truck.

Fragile items will need to be transported safely and carefully in order to reach their destination safely, while perishable goods will need a faster truck, regardless whether it’s a heavy-duty truck or a medium duty truck.

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