7 Most Expensive Disasters In Human History

Since the horrifying news that went viral overnight that the United Airline’s passenger was dragged off the plane, he finally retained a high-profile personal injury attorney to prepare for the court battle in the coming months.

Although humans have been on this planet longer than taught at school level, a constant penchant for disaster and misadventure is never too far from the ominous horizon. Even with professionals like a personal injury attorney protecting individuals, the following list counts some of the most expensive accidents in human history.

The Titanic

The movie was as unavoidable as the iceberg that caused the $7 million luxury ship to plummet into the icy cold Arctic waters of the Atlantic Ocean in 1912. An estimated 1,500 passengers lost their lives that fateful night and a monetary loss of $150 million in today’s dollars sank with the ship as well. If professionals such as a personal injury attorney existed in 1912, there would still be hardly anything to salvage since the ship was lost at unfathomable depths till the last decade.

Wiehltal Bridge

Help from professionals like a personal injury attorney Las Vegas has should have been required for the disaster which occurred on the Wiehltal Bridge on August 16, 2004. A driver crashed into a tanker transporting 32,000 litres of fuel causing an explosion so severe that it blew up the bridge itself. It cost an estimated $358 million to repair the bridge and it is unknown whether both parties survived.

Metro Train Crash

Costing close to Beyonce’s net worth, the Chatsworth Train collision is the costliest train collision till date. Occurring in 2008, the accident occurred when one of the train’s driver was busy receiving text messages causing him to ignore a red signal. What can only be surmised as a field day for any personal injury attorney, the Metro Link was billed $500 million in total losses.

B-2 Bomber

In case you already have a fear of flying, the following crash may make you feel worse. In 2008, a B-2 Stealth-Bomber crashed while it was taking off from its airbase in Guam. Due to distorted data caused by moisture, the craft nosedived into a $ 1.4 billion crash, becoming the most expensive disaster in the aviation history. It was one of the only 21 models ever made; luckily both pilots were able to eject to safety and survived.

Exxon Valdez

Accessible only by helicopter, the Exxon oil spill which occurred in 1989 was not the biggest oil spill, but the costliest in human history. An experienced professional such as an accident injury attorney Las Vegas based, would be able to surmise that it was the ship’s master’s fault when he left the controls causing the ship to crash into a reef in the Prince Edward Sound. Due to its remote location, it cost Exxon $2.5 Billion to clean up their mess.

Space Shuttle Columbia

With Elon Musk making the news quite frequently with the Space X program based out of Florida, you may recall a celestial disaster that set NASA back $13 billion. The Space Shuttle Columbia was NASA’s first space worthy shuttle, which landed up exploding during re-entry over Texas in 2003.


Still, the costliest disaster in human history, the atomic meltdown at Chernobyl in 1986 caused 200,000 people to be evacuated, while 1.7 million people were directly affected by the nuclear meltdown. The total costs involved were a whopping $200 billion.

Although a few oil spills were not mentioned in the list, humans have an unscrupulous habit of getting into disasters. In case you are in one yourself, you can search online for the best representation through a personal injury attorney Henderson has. Visit sites such as http://haleinjurylaw.com .


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